LIFT the TriState Program Industrial Setting

Recruitment Innovation Exchange: Take It From The Top

This month, BelFlex COO Andrew Deutsch and Vice President Bob Baer participated in Take It from the Top, a podcast brought to you by the Recruitment Innovation Exchange* (also known as RIX). The discussion is led by Leah McKelvey, Director of Global Enterprise Operations at Bullhorn.

On this episode, Andrew, Bob and Leah discuss BelFlex’s community-minded approach and programming that supports the light industrial and manufacturing sectors, including:

  • Andrew’s new position as COO, and BelFlex’s role in the community
  • How BelFlex is influencing change in the skills gap, internally and externally
  • LIFT the TriState Program and why BelFlex chose to invest and provide mock interviews for students
  • BelFlex Junior Mentoring Program in 6 markets, soft skills and job preparation
  • Future plans for giving back

RIX Podcast - BelFlex Episode 5

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