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Tips to Deepen Your Contract Worker Pool in a Tough Labor Market

BelFlex’s Amy Langston Provides Recruiting Tips in IndustryWeek

For manufacturers building out their workforce, hiring contract employees makes good business sense. But, it can be challenging in a tough labor market. To be successful, it’s important to get creative when developing recruiting strategies and build a culture that values and rewards this distinct group of employees. Read a few quick tips from below and then check out my full article, Deepening Your Contract Worker Pool in a Tough Labor Market, in IndustryWeek.

  • A competitive wage is always appealing but so are benefits that are traditionally not available to contract workers. When BelFlex and its client Pioneer teamed up to offer earned time off and paid holidays to contract workers, Pioneer quickly improved its fill rate and decreased turnover.
  • Referral and performance-based bonuses are also effective incentives. Typically, these are offered by the staffing firm but manufacturers should consider joining forces with their staffing partners to improve the programs or create their own.
  • Attracting candidates looking for permanent jobs is difficult when only contract positions are offered. Companies should have a process in place to promote direct hire roles to existing temporary staff.
  • The availability of training and education programs is attractive to many hourly workers. These can be in-person or online classes that teach new technical skills or provide quality of life classes focused on topics such as financial planning.
  • Contract workers can sometimes feel like outsiders at work. Companies that are inclusive and have a culture of value that appreciates all employees will have workers who are more engaged, motivated and happy in their jobs.

If you’re interested in learning more about growing your contract worker pool, check out my article, then contact BelFlex to find out how we can help.

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