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BelFlex Beliefs: The Power of People

Using the power of people to transform your workforce.

All of us at BelFlex Staffing Network are very proud of the growth we have experienced since our founding in 1989, and we attribute it to an unwavering commitment to our five core beliefs. These beliefs are set forth in a document that we named “Succeeding Together”, because we believe consistently living our core beliefs is the foundation for achieving our mission of providing flexible staffing solutions that help people, organizations and communities succeed.

Over the next few weeks, we will share how each of our core beliefs drive our business and influence the way we interact with our clients and temporary workers.

Our first core belief states: “We believe in the power of people to bring productivity and innovation to the workplace”. This belief is grounded in a deep faith in people—that they inherently want to do good work and make a positive contribution. We work closely with our customers to provide fair compensation and a positive environment that nurtures individual growth, learning and advancement. By embracing our flexible workforce as part of their team, our customers can tap into the diverse backgrounds, multiple skills and past work experience of our people. This unleashes the power of people, allowing customers to gain a new perspective and discover innovative ways to reduce costs while improving quality. No one knows how to improve a process better than the person actually performing the work, and our people love to share the knowledge and insight they have gained through their varied assignments.

For example, one of our current customers was using several staffing companies but was having trouble finding and retaining talent. By taking a partnership approach that made BelFlex the sole supplier, a unified strategy was developed that made recruiting efforts more effective, improved the onboarding process, added retention programs and created a positive one-team work environment. It was no surprise that employee morale went up, turnover went down and productivity skyrocketed.

At BelFlex, we want to do more than just provide people. The old staffing model is simply not good enough anymore. We want to be held accountable for improving productivity and truly helping our customers succeed. Our core belief in the power of people gives us great confidence that we can deliver on this mission.

This is the first post in a series on BelFlex’s five core beliefs. Follow along in the weeks to come as we explore our remaining beliefs here on the blog.

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