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Who Is BelFlex: Matt Burnheimer

Meet Matt, Advancing BelFlex’s Internal Talent Strategy

As a staffing firm, we often advise our clients on using internal training and development programs as a way to upskill their people. Late last year, we upped our own game and dedicated an employee to the development of our own team. We see this as another way to ensure we continue to offer job seekers and clients the industry-leading support we promise.

We sat down with Matt Burnheimer, Talent Acquisition Manager to learn more about him and his new role at BelFlex.

Matt BurnheimerHello Matt! Before joining BelFlex, you spent nearly seven years at Goodwill as the Employment Services Manager. What initially drew you to this industry?

Matt: The reason I love the employment space so much is I am able to see people grow and become successful. Everyone has their own definition of success, and to be able to see someone come into a new company or work setting and work hard to earn a living is very motivating. Each person has their own unique story and to be able to see it and be a part of it can be very rewarding.

Why do individuals ultimately decided to come work for BelFlex?

Matt: I always tell candidates what makes us unique, but I especially love it when an applicant asks me why they should come work for BelFlex before I tell them. There are plenty of other staffing companies that are hiring but I truly believe our BelFlex team is committed to seeing that everyone succeeds together and the work they put in is unrivaled. You see the time and effort everyone puts in and it motivates you to deliver your best results.

What makes an exceptional BelFlex employee?

Matt: Our company motto is “Succeeding Together.” If someone understands what that really means in their position and how they can help themselves while helping others, they can be a successful employee. Oftentimes helping each other, doing the right thing and making sure the team is succeeding can set someone up for individual success.

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