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BelFlex Beliefs: Unwavering Customer Dedication and Responsiveness

We go the extra mile to help everyone succeed

In this blog series, we share how each of our core beliefs influences the way we interact with our clients and associates. Our core beliefs serve as the foundation for achieving our mission of providing flexible staffing solutions that help people, organizations and communities succeed. Don’t miss our first post on our core belief in the power of people.

Our second core belief states our commitment to an unwavering dedication and responsiveness to our workers and customers. Underlying this commitment is a resolve to work harder and smarter to connect people with opportunities that help our customers grow. We never forget that BelFlex succeeds as an enterprise only when our people and customers achieve their goals.

Since many of our workers are on assignment for clients that operate second and third shifts, we have to be available 24 hours a day. This belief can be seen in action during the multiple on-site events we sponsor each year to bring together our internal staff, clients and workers.

An example of this was an event we hosted for one of our clients who was launching a new product line. During this period of time, our workers were putting in overtime, and we wanted to do something special to show our appreciation for their dedication to this product launch. With the support of local, regional and executive team members, BelFlex cooked and served food for over 600 people across three shifts during a 24-hour time period. There were drawings for gift cards, iPads, promotional items and more as a way to say thank you and interact with our engaged workforce. We strongly believe that employee engagement and accessibility are critical components of a successful partnership and our ultimate goal of Succeeding Together!

This is the second post in a series on BelFlex’s five core beliefs. Read the first installment and follow along in the weeks to come as we explore our remaining beliefs here on the blog.

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