June Safety Newsletter

Celebrate National Safety Month JUNE 2022

National Safety Month is celebrated in June when people focus on how they can keep their environment safe and free from any danger. It is a time to reflect on the working conditions around the country and how we can create a safer work environment.


It focuses on all aspects of employee health and safety

Instead of focusing on a single workplace hazard, the National Safety Council selects four different types of health and safety issues each year and dedicates one week to each issue such as emergency preparedness, wellness, falls, and driving.

It gives us insights into the history of industrial safety

National Safety Month gives us valuable information and statistics about industrial safety standards in the U.S. and Canada. It offers a detailed timeline of the development of labor laws in different industries.

It offers safety tips for everyday life

National Safety Month teaches us to be proactive when it comes to anticipating potential disasters. This is something that you can implement at your workplace and home to make it safer for you and your loved ones

  • FOCUS ON MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS: Maintaining good posture, use proper positioning during all activities, keeping wrists as neutral as possible, avoid bending neck forward for prolonged periods of time, avoid static positions for prolonged periods.
  • FOCUS ON WORKPLACE IMPAIRMENT: Getting plenty of rest, staying home when ill, reading all labels & looking for warnings on prescriptions & over the counter medications that may hamper your ability to perform specific job functions.
  • FOCUS ON INJURY PREVENTION: Be aware of surroundings, report unsafe areas or practices, use proper lifting techniques, wear proper PPE, do not reach in or under a machine guard.
  • FOCUS ON SLIPS, TRIPS, AND FALLS: Keeping walkways clear, wearing proper footwear, looking for uneven walking surfaces & cleaning all spills immediately.

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