Succeeding Together: Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go: A New Approach to Filling Open Positions

What is Pay As You Go?

Pay As You Go is a direct hire model that allows extended payments eliminating large placement fees up front. Volume entry level manufacturing and logistics positions can often be discounted, so you aren’t risking a steep placement fee for positions that traditionally see high turnover. Extended payments are discontinued if the employee quits or is terminated during the payment period.

This model has brought flexibility and relief to many BelFlex clients looking to hire during challenging economic changes!

See two examples of Pay As You Go in action:

30 positions filled

  • The Client: Food manufacturer
  • The Challenge: This facility is located 30 minutes “off the beaten path” – many competitors are more easily accessible, the environment is cold, and there are screening mandates that impact hiring
  • The Solution: By switching from a temp staffing model to a direct hire staffing model, BelFlex filled those 30 positions and hiring continues. Candidates like the direct employee status, and we’ve been able to attract top talent who weren’t searching for a temporary position. The client benefits by filling open positions with quality talent, and avoiding the large, upfront lump sum payment for new talent they’re unfamiliar with.

71 positions filled

  • The Client: Food manufacturer
  • The Challenge: Struggling to find enough talent interested in converting from temp positions to full time/direct positions
  • The Solution: BelFlex took a direct hire staffing approach, marketing the positions as direct hire from the initial start date.

With our pay-as-you-go option, the client’s budget allowed for this model of hiring  AND they were able to quickly begin filling all those open positions. BelFlex has filled 71 positions so far this year, and hiring continues. Due to the volume, we’ve been able to offer a Project Manager, dedicated to only this client, to help with administrative duties and employee engagement, helping ensure these employees last.

Due to this change in the staffing model and increased productivity, this manufacturer has also been able to substantially expand their business with one of their largest clients.

Interested in learning more about our Pay As You Go model? Contact Casey Wagonfield

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