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Why a Mock Interview is your Best Defense in the Job Search Process

Practice makes perfect for job seekers

Back in July we joined forces with the Freestore Foodbank, one of Ohio’s largest food banks, to launch LIFT the TriState. This free, 12-week program helps unemployed and underemployed adults obtain the hard and soft skills needed to find work in the warehouse and transportation industries.

One of the biggest ways we’re taking part in the program is by leading the participants through an often under-valued, under-appreciated part of the job preparation process: mock interviews.

Why mock interviews get a bad name

  • Role playing isn’t the most natural activity for most people, especially introverts.
  • It can be difficult to stay focused, knowing you’re having a “fake” conversation.
  • Not everyone has a professional contact who can interview them and feel uncomfortable asking family or friends.

But mock interviews aren’t just an awkward trick – they really are the best way to ensure you are mentally and physically prepared to come face to face with recruiters. Here’s why.

Believe it or not, most interviews are all the same. Recruiters ask a fairly standard set of questions, with the exception of some niche technical roles that have unique criteria. By rehearsing your responses to the 5-10 most popular interview questions, you’ll feel more comfortable and appear more confident.

First impressions are everything during a job hunt. The saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression” is especially true during the job search process. Creating a lasting, positive impression on your interviewer is the only way to be selected for a role. If you’re unprepared for an interview, they’ll notice, and even worse, take it as a sign that you aren’t committed or that serious about the work.

A second opinion matters. Participating in mock interviews allows you the chance to try out your responses on someone with an unbiased opinion of you and your work experience. Sometimes answers sound different in our heads than they do in reality. Or, a mock interviewer can help you better align your responses to your resume, helping you to create a cohesive employment story that will be memorable for the interviewer.

We couldn’t be happier to be lending our expertise to the LIFT the TriState participants, and to share with them more tips and tricks to ace their upcoming interviews.

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