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Recruiting Recruiters in the Staffing Industry

Three ways BelFlex staffing specialists stand out.

The award-winning customer service our clients receive when they partner with BelFlex Staffing Network begins and ends with our great team members. We owe much of it to BelFlex’s recruiters, whom we call staffing supervisors, for their ability to identify the individuals who will best service our clients. The recruiters we hire actually have two customers to satisfy—they want to provide the best talent for our clients as well as offer rewarding opportunities to our temporary employees.

It is critical to our success, and the success of our clients, that we have the best staffing supervisors. So what do we look for when recruiting our recruiters?

1. Strong relationship-building skills.

It is important for our staffing supervisors to build outstanding working relationships with both our clients and our temporary employees. To do this, they need to gain a deep understanding of our customers, and understand the ins and outs of the jobs they are filling. The more a recruiter knows about the job, and about the work environment of their client, the better they are able to provide a candidate that is a precise fit.
As for our temporary workers, our staffing supervisors need to learn more than the basics from our candidates, beginning at the interview process. We need to understand their skills, what environment would be a good fit, what motivates them, how to support them and how to guide them to success in their job.
Having a deeper understanding of our clients and our candidates allows us to match the right candidates with the right opportunity. This sets our temporary employees up for success, which translates directly to the success of our clients, and the success of our staffing supervisors.

2. Outstanding communicators.

Understanding the unique needs of our clients and the individual employment goals of our temporary employees starts with listening. Ongoing communication keeps these working relationships strong, and allows our staffing supervisors to deliver, even as clients’ needs change and assignments fluctuate.
The success and safety of our temporary employees is a priority. Our staffing supervisors need to clearly articulate a realistic depiction of the job, outlining expectations, environment, culture, etc. so employees can be successful in their assignments.

3. A sense of urgency.

Our staffing supervisors’ jobs aren’t over once a candidate is placed. They are accountable for the ongoing success of the employee and the client throughout the assignment, which for BelFlex customers, can be anywhere from days, months or even years.

A company’s needs for a contingent workforce can quickly, and sometimes dramatically, change. In this light industrial space specifically, our clients often face fluctuating demand due to busy seasons, large projects and economic unpredictability. Our staffing supervisors must be able to respond to these needs expeditiously. With a good pipeline of candidates, good staffing supervisors can make successful job-candidate connections, quickly, and with high volume.

All of these characteristics boil down to creating a great experience for both our clients and our temporary employees.

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