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BelFlex Beliefs: Turning Challenges into Recruiting Solutions

Partnering with clients to deliver real recruiting solutions

In this blog series, we share how each of our core beliefs influences the way we interact with our clients and associates. Our core beliefs serve as the foundation for achieving our mission of providing flexible staffing solutions that help people, organizations and communities succeed. Don’t miss our earlier posts about our first two core beliefs: the power of people and our unwavering dedication and responsiveness.

Our third core belief conveys our passion for turning challenges into solutions. Through a can-do spirit, we aim to bring flexibility, productivity and simplicity to the people and organizations we serve. We welcome the accountability that comes with our partnerships to deliver real results. Our job doesn’t end when we find the right people to fill our customers’ needs. We continue to work closely with our people and customers to design a flexible solution where everyone wins.

We lived this core belief recently when a customer was struggling to keep up with their extraordinary growth. To meet the immediate need, BelFlex recruited and bussed in workers from other areas of the city, resulting in a higher cost, less committed workforce. We saw this as an opportunity and partnered with our customer to create a better solution.

To drive more interest, BelFlex opened up a new recruiting location nearby and effectively promoted and conducted onsite job fairs. Our customer agreed to make wages more competitive and worked closely with us as we developed a more engaging onboarding process. The efforts up front to find and engage with those already in the community attracted more skilled workers. The higher wages and more hands-on onboarding process improved job satisfaction, reduced turnover and increased productivity.

This is the third post in a series on BelFlex’s five core beliefs. Read the first and second installments, and follow along in the weeks to come as we explore our remaining beliefs here on the blog.

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