Is Your Company Cream of the C.R.O.P.? 


A great work culture can make the difference in a good worker staying or leaving your company. It can also make your company unique in its personality and encourage employees to work in a family-type atmosphere. Do your employees have a sense of belonging and feel like they are a part of the success of your company? If not, start building your culture with the first step: ask your employees their thoughts on the company. The format can be an anonymous survey, a one-on-one conversation with individual team members, or anything in between. Once you receive this valuable feedback, develop a plan that will cultivate a stronger organizational culture. 


Does your company give employees the chance to grow and have a career path? Employee retention can be difficult but here are a few ways to help in this area:  

  • Give recognition when deserved  
  • Be concise and set attainable goals for employees to reach  
  • Offer competitive pay rates  
  • Be flexible with work schedules  
  • Announce employee of the week/month, perfect attendance (30,60,90 day), etc.  
  • Create an environment that makes workers feel like they are an asset 


Having a good onboarding process can make an employee feel important from the very beginning. The first day on the job can make someone very uneasy or nervous, but you as a company can decrease that tremendously. Ensure the new employee has a step-by-step process to follow – even before the first day. You want to start engagement from when the worker accepts the position. This builds trust, opens communication and establishes a connection between you and the new employee very early on. 

Pay rate

A competitive pay rate in the market is very important, and not surprisingly, is often cited as the number one most important deciding factor when choosing a job. Competitive pay can be the difference in getting the candidate you want vs. the candidate that is left over and job hops. Being an industry leader in competitive pay and culture will both secure and retain those workers. It is imperative to know the value of the positions you are trying to fill and the median pay range for that position in the market. This will help determine a fair assessment of pay. 

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