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Improving Retention in the Manufacturing Industry


Seven Ways to Beat the Talent Shortage

By 2025, the skills gap in the manufacturing industry is expected to grow to two million, according to Deloitte, and 82 percent of executives believe that it will affect their ability to meet their customers’ needs.

For a shortage this significant, simply paying higher rates will only serve as a band-aid to the problem. Workers will come and go as they find higher-paying positions, taking loyalty out of the equation. To attract and retain today’s younger workforce, manufacturers must develop a strategy that appeals to Millennials’ needs and preferences.

I recently wrote an article for IndustryWeek, called Retaining Light Industrial Workers: It’s Not Just About the Money. In it I share seven ways that manufacturers can get ahead of this shortage, by incorporating tactics that evaluate their industry brand for Millennials. Some of these include developing a community service program, providing better training and improving your recognition and rewards program.

Read the full article for all seven ways to attract and retain a younger workforce to beat today’s talent shortage.

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