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Industry Needs a Workforce: How Staffing Firms Are Leading the Way

A Look at BelFlex’s Latest Article on The Staffing Stream

Industry 4.0 is upon us. This new manufacturing environment is driven by the adoption of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. But what manufacturers gain in technology sophistication, they lack in qualified and available talent to hire.

Who is powering the “smart factories” of the future? The entire manufacturing industry is coming together to figure that out.

BelFlex believes that staffing firms have an opportunity to lead the way. In Building a Workforce for the Next Industrial Revolution, BelFlex’s Jason Schafer talks about bridging the gap between today’s workforce and who will be needed in the near future. He shares three ways that staffing firms can help their clients meet the demand for new manufacturing skill sets.

  1. Undergraduate college enrollment is down for the sixth straight year, and more and more high schoolers are opting out of expensive further education. Young, tech-savvy graduates and high-tech manufacturing roles are the perfect pairing, and staffing firms can help connect high schoolers directly with career opportunities.
  2. Bringing communities together is a big part of BelFlex’s own mission, so it’s no surprise that staffing firms are well suited to partner with local community organizations, colleges and programs to educate and grow the workforce.
  3. There is still a sizeable amount of work to be done in creating awareness for the manufacturing industry of the future. Staffing firms are participating in events like Manufacturing Day to debunk old myths and stereotypes.

Read the full article over on The Staffing Stream.

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