Contract to Hire: The Best Way to Build Your Team

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Current staffing shortages, overworked HR departments, and the investment (both in time and money) your company undertakes to hire new employees can be challenging. When your business needs to scale your workforce quickly, the old business model of posting to job boards, screening resumés, and interviewing candidates just won’t work anymore. 

What’s the solution? Contract to hire with BelFlex Staffing Network.

The BelFlex Staffing Network Solution: Contract to Hire

BelFlex Staffing Network provides contract to hire services for employers when they want to quickly onboard an employee on a contract basis. The employment term is detailed in the contract and at the end of that time, your company can choose to either hire the employee full time or allow the contract to end. 

Discover the Benefits of Contract to Hire

Contract to hire is becoming increasingly more popular with many employers. Companies that utilize BelFlex Staffing Network’s contract to hire services enjoy many benefits, including:

  1. Simplified hiring. Sourcing candidates, screening resumés, and performing interviews is easier because our contract-to-hire staffing agency does all the work for you, the employer.
  2. Faster scalability. Our contract-to-hire staffing agency enables your organization to scale up staff quickly by reducing the time it takes to recruit, interview, and onboard an employee.
  3. Money savings. With contract to hire services from BelFlex, your company doesn’t pay out a benefit package (health insurance, PTO, retirement savings, etc.) to the contract to hire employee. This saves you money for the duration of the contract.
  4. Minimizes risk. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time and money screening candidates only to discover the one you’ve hired isn’t a good fit for your organization. Contract to hire services from BelFlex gives you time to ensure the candidate you onboard works well for your company and with your team.
  5. Access to specialized skills. A contract-to-hire employee may possess a unique skill set your organization may only need for a brief time or a special project. Contract to hire through BelFlex Staffing Network enables you to complete a project effectively without retaining a full-time employee you may not need in the future.
  6. More effective planning. Our contract to hire services enables your company to better plan for staffing in the event of a new client, an expanded workload, a seasonal need to temporarily grow staff, or in the event of regular staff leaves of absence, PTO, or vacations. 

Why Work with BelFlex Staffing Network?

In addition to the many benefits an employer enjoys with contract to hire, there are multiple reasons to consider working with a contract to hire staffing agency like BelFlex Staffing Network

  • Relief for your company’s HR department. BelFlex Staffing Network handles recruiting, candidate search, resumé review, and initial screening, freeing up the time your company’s HR department might otherwise spend working to fill open positions.
  • Relief for your company’s accounting department. In typical contract to hire situations, the employee is placed on the payroll of BelFlex Staffing Network for the duration of the contract until the contract ends or until the employee transitions into a full-time position.
  • Fast access to qualified candidates. As a contract to hire staffing agency, BelFlex Staffing Network already has a pool of highly qualified talent from which to source for your company’s open positions.
  • Employment specialists. Because sourcing and hiring employees is our specialty, BelFlex Staffing Network is up to date on current employment regulations ensuring your organization is in compliance with all relevant laws and requirements.
  • Future hiring needs. By establishing a relationship with a reputable contract to hire staffing agency like BelFlex Staffing Network, you have a reliable source to partner with going forward.

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