Quality Control / Return Specialist

Job ID: 564029
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Category: Warehouse 
Employment Type: Temp to Hire

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Quality Control / Return Specialist
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm
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Key Responsibilities:
  1. Inspecting Products or Services: Conduct thorough inspections of products or services to ensure they meet quality standards and specifications.
  2. Testing Procedures: Perform tests and evaluations on samples to verify functionality, durability, and adherence to established criteria.
  3. Documenting Findings: Record inspection and test results accurately and promptly using designated documentation systems or software.
  4. Identifying Defects: Identify and document any defects, discrepancies, or non-conformities found during inspections or testing processes.
  5. Reporting and Communication: Communicate findings to relevant stakeholders, such as production supervisors or quality assurance managers, in a clear and timely manner.
  6. Assistance with Investigations: Assist in investigating the root causes of quality issues and collaborate with teams to implement corrective actions.
  7. Maintaining Equipment: Ensure proper functioning and calibration of inspection equipment and tools, and report any issues for maintenance or repair.
  8. Following Procedures: Adhere to established quality control procedures, guidelines, and safety protocols at all times.
  9. Processing Return Requests: Receive and review return requests from customers, retailers, or distributors, ensuring that they meet the company's return policy criteria.
  10. Communication with Customers: Interact with customers via phone, email, or online chat to facilitate the return process, address inquiries, and provide assistance as needed.
  11. Issuing Return Authorizations: Generate return authorizations and provide customers with instructions for returning items, including packaging guidelines and return shipping labels.
  12. Inspecting Returned Items: Receive returned items and inspect them for damage, defects, or discrepancies compared to the original purchase.
  13. Recording Return Data: Record return information accurately in the company's database or inventory management system, including reasons for returns, condition of returned items, and any associated costs.
  14. Processing Refunds or Exchanges: Initiate refunds or exchanges for eligible returns according to company policies and procedures, ensuring accurate processing of financial transactions.
  15. Managing Return Inventory: Organize and manage returned inventory, including restocking items that meet quality standards and coordinating disposal or repair of damaged or unsalvageable items.
  16. Analyzing Return Trends: Monitor and analyze return data to identify trends, root causes of returns, and opportunities for process improvement or product development.

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