Find a Staffing Partner Who Turns Your Challenges into Solutions 

What’s your biggest hiring challenge – is it unqualified candidates? High turnover? Lack of communication? Maybe it’s hard to choose just one. 

Regardless of your pick, you need a partner who offers both a personalized approach and a tech platform to help you turn your pain points into high points.   

PAIN POINT #1: Lack of candidates 

When it comes to staffing, it’s almost impossible to find qualified candidates without leveraging one of the many tech tools available in the market. Starting with a strong database of talent is table stakes. If you don’t have your own network of candidates, there are many companies who do.  

A strong partner’s tech solutions include sourcing tools to help reach a larger base of job seekers and direct specific recruiting efforts toward ideal candidates, applying vetted screening to yield higher quality candidates, moving qualified candidates effectively and quickly through the hiring process, and engaging with them to build loyalty. 

A strong partner will always align its recruiting methods with yours to ensure market saturation and higher yields for your organization.  

PAIN POINT #2: Ineffective communication 

Given how fast hiring needs change – sometimes multiple times in one day – it seems the communication doesn’t always keep up. You need correspondence with all your audiences – your staffing partner, talent, and candidates – to be timely and on point. This requires a partner who is flexible and always available. 

In addition to comms with your audiences, the administrative side of the business needs to run smoothly as well. All systems and parties need to be talking to one another and in sync. Whether it’s the way you submit your orders or how you manage timekeeping and reporting, the right partner will understand your needs and ensure your communication is flowing in all the right ways. 

PAIN POINT #3: High turnover 

Without a retention strategy in place, it’s hard to hold on to good talent. When workers don’t feel a connection with their place of work, they are much more likely to switch jobs. A Gallup study found highly engaged teams experience 59% less turnover compared to those who feel a disconnect. Customized worker engagement and retention programs will get and keep the best candidates working for you.  

Strong engagement platforms to help recruit, retain and re-deploy top talent can increase candidate response rate by 30% and produce surges in re-deployment of dormant candidates. 

Staffing partners will have the resources to provide job position benchmarks, hold pre-employment information sessions to boost higher productivity earlier, and hold exit interviews to uncover possible underlying turnover causes, allowing for correction and better retention.  

The Right Partner Delivers 

A trusted talent partner will offer an ideal mix of human touch and tech innovation. When paired together, the two offer a flexible, productive, and streamlined solution that delivers the best talent to sustain your workforce. 

Ready to discuss your staffing needs with a partner that is ready to help solve your unique challenges? Contact us today.  

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