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Community-First: Partnerships Helping BelFlex Drive Economic Growth

How BelFlex Makes a Difference for Businesses and Job Seekers

BelFlex has always celebrated the power of community and the experiences of 2020 have only reinforced how important it is to be there for one another. Whether it’s checking on neighbors during quarantine or supporting local businesses during hard times, we’re all stronger when we band together.

The company has operated with this mindset since the very beginning, and we’ve made it our mission to have a positive impact on the communities where we all live and work. Below are just a few examples of the relationships we’ve developed to support both businesses and job seekers, to enrich our communities and create economic opportunities for everyone.

REDI Cincinnati

REDI Cincinnati is the first point of contact for companies who are considering growing their businesses in Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. The organization serves as economic development experts to these companies, but relies on BelFlex when it comes to providing workforce development and talent management expertise.

As a REDI board member, BelFlex COO Bob Baer partners with the organization to provide a “boots-on-the-ground” perspective on the labor market. From educating companies on the local industrial outlook or brokering a meeting with similar businesses operating in the region, BelFlex is committed to meeting the different workforce requirements of organizations seeking to relocate or grow in the area.

Bob recently sat down with REDI’s Talent Director Adam Jones to talk about how companies can find talent in a pandemic world. You can check out the Q&A on their website.

SAGA (Sanford Area Growth Alliance)

SAGA is a public-private partnership and merger of the Lee County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce. SAGA supports existing businesses and encourages new business recruitment to Sanford, NC, and all of Lee County.

BelFlex’s Brenda Clegg serves as a Chamber Board Member and is a sub-committee member for Education & Workforce Development. In this role, she engages with businesses considering the area for expansion. Brenda is also a sub-committee member of the Sanford Area Advancement Committee, responsible for representing the needs of business owners, their employees and the citizens of the greater Sanford area. This committee advocates for small business concerns, proposes quality of life initiatives and reviews public policy issues. Currently the committee is focused on the approval of the development of a sports complex site that would also include a new hotel, bringing more jobs to the area. 

West Alabama Works

West Alabama Works (WAW) is the workforce development arm of The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, providing workforce solutions to a diverse, nine-county region. WAW ensures that both businesses and job seekers in West Alabama are provided with the tools, resources and support they need to ensure a bright and prosperous future.

Mike Johnson, BelFlex Regional Manager, and the Business Development team play a consultative role within WAW, weighing in on the direction of workforce development plans and ensuring local businesses have a voice. For job seekers, WAW and BelFlex help with everything from providing work-based training opportunities to developing a comprehensive childcare database to help working parents during COVID-19.

The Riverport Business Association

The Riverport Business Association is a network of Louisville area businesses committed to driving economic growth in the region. They do this through various committees such as the Safety Committee, which ensures a secure work environment and the Education Committee, which partners with area schools to offer mentoring and job shadowing opportunities.

BelFlex Area Manager Traci Johnson sits on the board as part of the Engagement Committee. In this position Traci serves as a point of contact for new and existing members looking to connect with various resources in the Riverport Business area. Her role on the board also allows Traci to be part of the leadership team that spearheads community outreach in the Riverport area and surrounding community.

Making a difference in the communities in which we operate is truly part of our corporate DNA. We invite you to learn more about BelFlex and how its local partnerships can benefit your business by contacting our team today.

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