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BelFlex Junior Mentoring Program Spotlight: Sanford, NC

Learn how the BJMP is taking off and changing lives in Sanford

An important part of the BelFlex DNA is a responsibility to better the communities we serve. While this starts at the top with our executives, our employees in each of our offices also live and breathe this commitment every day, in big and small ways.

An example of this commitment in action is the BelFlex Junior Mentoring Program (BJMP). BelFlex launched the BJMP in 2015 to help a group of high school students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, build their confidence and learn how to successfully pursue a career.

How It Works

BelFlex partners with local high schools to offer a seven-week program where juniors and seniors learn valuable skills including how to write a resume, hunt for a job and dress professionally. Students also participate in mock interviews with business and community leaders and job shadow employees at local companies.

The success of the BJMP is reliant on each local community’s ability to bring together organization leaders, businesses and colleges to support the program. While collaboration with the school administration is critical, the local community also gets involved by providing guest speakers and mentors, discount and donated professional attire and even food and beverages.

Embracing the BJMP in Sanford

This week, the second annual session of the program is kicking off in Sanford, North Carolina. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, the 2018 program will feature even more amazing opportunities for the students involved.

BelFlex has again partnered with Lee County High School and Bragg Street Academy, and a third school, Southern Lee High School, will send a group of students through the program for the first time. School administrators and parents alike are enthusiastically on board with participating in the program again, after having such a positive experience last year. That enthusiasm is shared by many others, as the program has been extended by one week to accommodate all of the community members and local businesses who wanted to get involved.

New this year will be a special guest speaker, Stephanie Jacome, who graduated from the BJMP in Sanford last year. Stephanie will speak on the first day to share her experience with the participants. She credits the program with giving her more confidence, changing her mindset for the future and landing a job while she prepares to pursue a college degree.

Why It Matters

While the BJMP is a tremendous learning opportunity for the students in Sanford, there are also many benefits for local businesses and community leaders. It is a unique, positive way to connect with the next generation of workers and serves as an opportunity to mentor, network with and potentially tap into a new segment of candidates. And, it also ensures that these future employees will understand the skills needed when they’re ready to enter the workforce — whether it’s right out of high school or after pursuing a college education.

You can learn more about all of the ways BelFlex works to improve its communities here.

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