Maintenance Helper

Location: Fayetteville, NC
Category: General Laborer
Sector: Industrial
Employment Type: Temp To Hire
Job ID: 292618
Date Added: 07/26/2022

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BelFlex has a temp to hire opening for a skilled maintenance helper at a family owned meat packing company in Fayetteville!

If you have the following, we need to talk to you!

  • Good communication skills and eagerness to learn. 

  • Be able to utilize technology (tablets/computers) to complete job tasks, research problems, report back with findings and issues  

  • Perform general service on equipment. Greasing motors, checking/changing belts, diagnosing and fixing electrical issues. Able to perform at least general maintenance tasks throughout 

  • Able to work in a team setting on more complicated projects 

  • At least some maintenance, construction, or technician experience 

  • At least somewhat mechanically inclined. I.e., know at least general tools and functions

Hours M-F 6:30AM-3:30PM. Hours could extend to M-Saturday 6:30AM – 5:30PM in seasonal rush (Oct-Dec) 

Pay starts at $15 per hour BUT bonus skills (see below) bring more money 

Bonus Skills
  • Read and understand wiring schematics 

  • Familiarity and <span svg+xml;base64,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”=”>understand 3-phase electrical power 

  • Tig Welding experience, especially Stainless Steel 

  • Diesel mechanic experience 

  • Controls/low voltage electrical experience 

Apply at to apply for your last job!  Join the family atmosphere company in downtown Fayetteville.   Call 910-323-2949 when application is complete.