General Labor

Location: West Chester, OH
Category: Manufacturing and General 
Employment Type: Temp to Hire
Job ID: 550543
Date Added: 08/18/2022

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PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE 2 (PA2)Includes employees that are Glue Assemblers, Bagger Operators, Hand Held (Foam Dispenser)”Shooter” Level 1. Dispensing polyurethane foam into molds to form packaging cushions.· Operator pulls and tears applicable amount of film from film dispenser.· Tucks in and lines the mold with film.· Dispenses applicable(pre-set) amount of foam into film-lined mold.· De-mold product and place in part bin for secondary processing.· Maintain mold cleanliness for quality assurance of molded cushions. Shift: 4am-2pm Mon-Thursday. Currently working Fridays as overtime. We work four 10 hour days with Friday as the off day or overtime day. 10 minute breaks every 2 hours. Apply in person at 1242 West Kemper Rd. Forest Park, OH 45240 or Call 513-939-3444 or Text 833-627-0715