General Labor

PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE 2 (PA2) Includes employees that are Glue Assemblers, Bagger Operators, Hand Held (Foam Dispenser)”Shooter” Level 1. Dispensing polyurethane foam into molds to form packaging cushions. ·        

Operator pulls and tears applicable amount of film from film dispenser. ·        

Tucks in and lines the mold with film. ·        

Dispenses applicable(pre-set) amount of foam into film-lined mold. ·        


General Labor


Entry level position. Includes employees that strictly perform “Trimmer”, Glue Assembly and Densifier operations.  

Trimming the excess film flashing from molded foam cushions and palletizing. ·        

“Trimmer” collects full part bins from foam dispenser and trims flashing from cushions. ·        

Gluing and assembling foam on release liner and corrugated items. 

Stacking/palletizing/Densifying finished…