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Why Work For BelFlex?

employees 4 smallOur trained recruiters have put more than twenty thousand people to work so far this year. You could be next! We provide temporary and direct hire employees to large and small businesses across the U.S., with a focus on the light industrial market. We offer competitive pay, benefits and other perks you’ll find only at BelFlex.

First and foremost, we treat every potential new employee with respect and the knowledge that our people are our greatest asset. Here’s how we ensure results for you:

number 1We make good matches. We’re selective in matching you with an employer—it has to be the right fit for you both to succeed. We meet with every applicant face-to-face to get to know your preferences and skills.

number 2We set you up for success. You’ll get a personalized information session before your job begins, so you understand the employer’s expectations and can get started on the right foot.

number 3We stay with you. Throughout your assignment, we’re there to make sure it’s a success. Our WOW Award program—recognizing and rewarding great employees—is one of the ways we show we care.

Want to see BelFlex in action and meet the latest BelFlex WOW Award winners? Check out our Facebook page.


BelFlex offers affordable benefits to all our employees. Some benefits will vary based on assignment and location.

Health insurance
Dental plan
Direct deposit
Referral bonus
WOW Award program rewards
Long-term and short-term disability
Life insurance
Travel insurance
Vision discounts
Employee discounts, including: automobiles, cell phone carriers, appliances, rental cars, computers and more

employee 1Employee Recognition

Our clients love the work our BelFlex employees do, and they tell us often. They also help us choose employees to nominate for BelFlex WOW Awards. WOW stands for “What Outstanding Work!” These awards are one way we celebrate our employees’ achievements on the job and recognize great employees with a little reward.

That’s because when you start a new job through BelFlex, you become a part of the BelFlex team. We don’t just reward your efforts on the job or years of service; we also celebrate personal milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. At BelFlex, our focus is People Driven Success…and that starts with treating our people well.


Our light industrial market specialization means we’re often looking for:

  • Assemblers
  • Forklift operators
  • General labor
  • Inspectors
  • Inventory clerks
  • Janitorial
  • Line leads
  • Machine operators
  • Sorters/collators
  • Maintenance
  • Material handlers
  • Pickers/packers
  • Quality control
  • Shipping & receiving
  • Supervisors
  • Warehouse
  • Welders
  • Clerical/professional
  • And more!

BelFlex Staffing Network hires product assemblers

BelFlex Staffing Network hires pickers/packers

BelFlex Staffing Network hires forklift drivers

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Search to find a job that interests you. To be considered for a position with BelFlex, start by filling out a registration form.

Get started now! You can apply online or in person at one of our 22 locations.

Equal Opportunity Employer

BelFlex is a team-driven Equal Opportunity Employer committed to workforce diversity. We comply with all federally mandated programs and recruit, hire, select for training, transfer, upgrade, grant privileges of employment, lay off, demote or discharge without regard to race, color, religion, gender, handicap, disability, national origin or age. This policy is based on our moral commitments as well as legal requirements applicable to our company and to all employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered below, just contact us to ask us anything.

Is there a fee for finding me a job?

Can I view all your open jobs online?
While we do publish many of our jobs on this site, not all are online. Please check in with your local BelFlex office on a weekly basis for new opportunities.

What is your hiring process?
Click here to register for job opportunities. After completing the online information, call your local office to set up an interview.

What type of jobs do you offer?
We specialize in the light industrial market (warehouses, logistics centers, etc.). At some locations we also offer clerical and other assignments.

Do you offer benefits?
Yes. Our employees can purchase health, life, dental and short-term disability insurances. We also offer a variety of product discounts. Click here for more information.

What type of screening do you require?
Most of our customers require a drug test and background check prior to starting an assignment.

Do I have to provide my Social Security Number on the online application?
Yes. However, the information is transmitted via secure encryption and is kept confidentially in our system. Your privacy is very important to us.

Do you provide transportation to work sites?
No. However, some work locations are accessible by bus.

Do I need to register separately at all your locations?
No. Once you register with a BelFlex office, you are in the system with all our locations. If you move, please inform us of your new address and any other changes to your contact information.

Do you give advances on payroll?
No. Paychecks are distributed every Friday.

How long is my application good for?
We keep your information on file for three years. Once your application expires, you should re-register, then come in to your local BelFlex office for another interview to complete your update.

What types of ID should I bring to my interview?
The government requires that you provide identification that establishes both your identity (picture) and your legal authorization to work in the United States. Many people bring a valid driver’s license (identity) and Social Security card (authorization to work), but there are a variety of acceptable options. Click here for the various options.

Can I use a printout from the Social Security office because I don't have my card yet?
No. Sorry, but this is government policy—it states right on the printout that it is "not to be used for employment purposes." We’re not allowed to accept it.

Does my ID have to be current?
Yes. We are not permitted to accept expired IDs.

Do I have to bring originals of my IDs?
Yes. The government does not allow us to accept copies.

What information will I be given prior to starting an assignment?
We will give you all the information you’ll need. This includes what to wear, how to get there, what you will be doing, who to ask for when you get there, and how long we anticipate the assignment will last.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes! Click here to refer your friends or fill out a referral form at your local office. We pay you $25 after your friend works 40 hours for BelFlex.

How can I view my Direct Deposit?
You can view your direct deposit, pay stub and W-2 information online.

Can I stop my Direct Deposit and receive paper checks again?
No. You have the option of receiving your payroll on Pay card or Direct Deposit.

Can you fill out my employment verification form?
Not in our local office. This is handled through the Work Number at 1-800-367-2884. They will be able to help you.

When are W-2s ready?
They are always ready as required by law no later than January 31st. Make sure your address is correct with your local office. You can also view your W-2 online.

When are timecards due?
If you are not on an electronic system with us, please turn your timecard no later than 6:00 p.m. EST on Monday for your work during the previous week. You will be paid on Friday for the prior week’s work.

What do I do if I am injured on a job?
Take care of yourself first, but please contact BelFlex as soon as possible. We will initiate a care plan.

Who do I call if I am sick or cannot report to work?
Please call your BelFlex office prior to the start of your workday. Our customer may require a replacement for your position.

If I work this week, will I get paid this Friday?
After completing the week, turn in your time card the following Monday. You will be paid the following Friday.

What do I do if the job differs from what I was told?
Call your BelFlex supervisor to discuss any concerns with your assignment. You’re important to us; we do our best to make things go smoothly for you.

My assignment is ending. What do I do to secure a new assignment with BelFlex?
Contact BelFlex immediately when you hear your assignment will be ending. We will look for another assignment for you to start when the current assignment ends.